Pointers to my work are found below. For specific details on these papers, please feel free to contact me.


Adaptive Sampling of Transient Environmental Phenomena with Autonomous Mobile Platforms SM Thesis, 2019.


Enabling Topological Planning with Monocular Vision ICRA, 2020. Video

The PEST: Platform for Environmental Sensing Technology OCEANS, 2019. Lead author is an undergraduate mentee through MIT UROP.

MANgO: federated world Model using an underwater Acoustic NetwOrk OCEANS, 2017. Completed as Fulbright student scholar.

Protocol for Autonomous Landing of Unmanned Air Vehicles on Research Vessels OCEANS, 2016. Completed as undergraduate.

Autonomous Vehicles for Remote Sample Collection: Enabling Marine Research OCEANS, 2015. Completed as undergraduate.

Autonomous Vehicles for Remote Sample Collection in Difficult Conditions: Enabling Remote Sample Collection by Marine Biologists TePRA, 2015. Completed as undergraduate.


Observations of Shallow Methane Bubble Emissions from Cascadia Margin Frontiers in Earth Science, 2021. Supplementary Material

Rapid Identification of Plastics via Spectroscopic Techniques and Classification Methods Environmental Science and Technology, 2020.

River Inflow Dominates Methane Emissions in an Arctic Coastal System Geophysical Research Letters, 2020. Data

Information-Guided Maximum Seek-and-Sample in Partially Observable Continuous Environments Robotics and Automation Letters, 2019. Also presented at IROS 2019. Code

Underwater Confined Space Mapping by Resource-Constrained Autonomous Vehicle Journal of Field Robotics, 2018. Completed as Fulbright student scholar.